Healthy Habits to Ring In 2020

2020 is nearly upon us, and with it comes thoughts of New Year’s resolutions to be made and (hopefully) kept over the coming year. Many resolutions center around improving one’s health. While there is never a bad time to start a new healthy habit, why not use the new year as a new start. The key is to pick manageable, attainable goals that you can work at over time and are forgiving when you fall off the horse. Here are some simple yet effective practices and habits with which you can ring in 2020 for a happier and healthier New Year.

Detoxify Your Home

We live in a toxic world and often use many toxic products in our home without even realizing it. It pollutes the environment and our bodies, leading to long-term health issues. Many swaps are easy and cost effective to make and can work just as well as their conventional counterparts. Swap out toxic air fresheners and scented candles for health enhancing essential oils in a diffuser. Trade in your non-stick cookware for stainless steel or cast iron. You can read more about common toxic household items you might want to consider leaving behind in 2020 here.

   Drink More Water

Our bodies are 60% water, and we desperately need enough of this precious resource to maintain good health. It is recommended that adults should drink anywhere from nine to thirteen cups of water daily, and many of us do not get enough leading to a host of health problems from constipation to migraines. You can read more about the dangers of dehydration here. Our Hydroxinolis a nutrient-packed hydration powder that makes an excellent addition to your daily water intake to enhance hydration, increase cellular oxygenation, and protect against free radical damage.

    Use Technology Strategically

It’s no secret that technology is becoming an increasing part of our day-to-day lives. This comes with pros and cons, which you can read more about here. Wearable tech to help keep us healthy and safe is a booming new trend but utilizing certain tech can come at a price in areas such as memory and quality of sleep. Practicing intentional and strategic use of beneficial technology while taking steps to minimize the negative effects, such as adding Ceremin to your daily routine, is a balanced way to approach this new year.

Practice Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a dietary practice that has been around for centuries that can be useful for losing weight and improving energy levels and sleep. This dietary approach involves consuming calories only within certain windows of time throughout the day and fasting in between. You can read more about intermittent fasting here.

    Eat More Pomegranates

The mythical pomegranate has been revered the world over as a symbol of abundance, fertility, and longevity. And with good reason as they contain over 124 different phytochemicals that have been discovered and potentially many yet to be discovered. Chief among these are punicalagins. You can read more about the amazing benefits of punicalagins here (while enjoying a nice, juicy pomegranate). If regular pomegranate consumption is a challenge, consider a quality pomegranate supplement, such as Pomera, to get all the goodness and benefits.

Give a few of these a try, and cheers to a happy and healthy 2020!

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